Mexicanas restaurants are serving ethnic Mexican food in which you can taste a variety of the dishes from an authentic Mexican kitchen as well as much more. The restaurant is characterized by a variety of Mexican tastes mixed with American-style TexMex offerings as well.


On the menu you can, of course, find the usual offerings from the Mexican kitchen including: tortillas, guacamole (avocado spread), frijoles (bean spread), salsas and Mexican cooking sauces such as chipotle, mole, jalapeño and chili. The menu offers a selection of authentic fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas and tacos for adults and a separate children’s menu as well. With our menu we also offer a variety of house-special margaritas with fresh fruit. . We play Mexican musician and the atmosphere is both pleasant and welcoming. Perfect for a romantic evening or a family evening.




The Mexican restaurant chain is the oldest Mexican chain in the country (established in 2006). In the restaurants you can taste a variety of Mexican cuisine and Tex Max. On the menu you can of course find all the ingredients of Mexican cuisine: tortillas, guacamole, fries, salsas in a variety of Mexican flavors and cooking sauces such as chipotle, mola, halafanio and chili. The menu includes a variety of dishes identical to the original, such as phahitas, burritos, anchovies, casadies and tacos, along with special dishes developed by the chef on the purity of Mexican ingredients. In the menu you will also find a variety of dishes adapted for children. In addition to the special menu you can taste the variety of margaritas developed especially for us, in different flavors and with fresh fruit. You can also sit at the bar and order from the variety of tequilas or the special Nagra Modlo beer. There is a large supply on the menu for those who avoid eating gluten as well as a wide supply for vegetarians and vegans. The music played is Mexican music in Spanish (with an emphasis on mariachi) and the atmosphere is pleasant and homely. The restaurant is suitable for both a romantic evening and for families and children. Join us on Facebook or the Amigos Club and stay up to date


Book a table at the Bograshov Mexicana branch
Through the form or call: 03-5279911.
If the system has not found a place for you, it is advisable to call and try to order in front of the restaurant.


Restaurant menu

Full service

Kosher menu

Full service

Kosher menu

Self service

Self service menu

Dessert menu

Self service

*There may be changes in the menus between the various branches and between the menus of restaurants and deliveries

Amigos Club

• Joining is free
Accumulation of 4% of the purchase value in points to the budget for each type of purchase: pick-up, delivery and full submission

Every 1 accumulated point = 1 NIS can be accumulated with catering cards (Give Bite, Cebus, Goodies) and in business (in full service branches)
* Can not be accumulated with payment in a gift voucher
• Points can be redeemed for any type of purchase: pick-up, delivery and full submission

Up to 30 points per day can be realized in business (in full service branches)
* Delivery through the home site only (minimum order for delivery must be reached after redeeming the points)
5% fixed discount
Excluding deliveries Excluding business (full service branches)

Events and catering

Our caterer offers to upgrade your event and bounce your guests to Mexico.
Tacos stand, burritos, desserts and margaritas. Everything is possible……
You can also order from the events menu for groups of 12-100 people by weight. By appointment
For details: Shai 0526412642


What does the franchisee get
Close guidance in choosing a suitable location
Close supervision in selecting an operating contractor and construction
Accompaniment in the formation of management staff, kitchen, messengers
Staff training about a month before the restaurant opens
Close accompaniment when opening the restaurant (running period)
Accompaniment, guidance, control, instruction and advice after the launch period A basket of products and raw materials from the network and authorized suppliers (most products come ready for simple operation)

For details: Contact Roy: 0526710728

Mexicana is a chain of authentic Mexican restaurants where you can taste a variety of Mexican cuisine and the Max ceremony.
There is a large supply on the menu for those who avoid eating gluten as well as a wide supply for vegetarians and vegans

Why with us
The oldest Mexican brand in Israel (since 2006), with successful branches. An active and active delivery system that serves hundreds of hungry people a day
Mexico provides simple and inexpensive food to the customer, fast and delicious. A stamp suitable for the Israeli smile that yearns for new flavors for a network of orderly and easy-to-perform work procedures. Low set-up and operation costs Change the mix of shops in entertainment centers where there is almost no Mexican food (not tired of eating sushi or hamburgers again)


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